Our Mission

To fuel transformation in the digital age through learning

At Stratability Academy, we help our students, clients and partners to capture, produce and deliver more VALUE, by LEARNING to transform and innovate better and faster TODAY and into the FUTURE.

We have developed a Framework and Methodology based on the stages of the business lifecycle, to help you build the ‘strategic capabilities’ that will give you the ‘strategic ability’ to join·the·dots as you solve problems, bridge gaps and capture opportunities in your work, enterprises and for your clients.

THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework and Methodology will empower you to solve problems with a difference for your customers and stakeholders, while overcoming disruptions from the digital economy. It comprises a set of tools and techniques optimized to help you design and execute effective strategies and tactics, and deliver real solutions better and faster… available through our book, roadmaps, digital courses and programs, and other services, supported by our global team of industry experts, architects and scientists from the Stratability Academy.

Who’s working with us

We work with individuals and enterprises of all sizes – big, medium and small.

Our latest Enterprise Customers

Our training participants come from some of the world’s biggest companies and institutions across many different industry sectors from around the world.

Our SME and Start-Up Customers

We offer learning programs often supported by coaching as well as short courses designed to suit the needs of expanding Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and fast growing start-ups.

Our Partners

Our partners help us to build relationships in different industry sectors and to reach new learners globally.

Who are we? Why work with us?

Blending corporate strategy, entrepreneurship, data science and digital transformation, our experts bring over 100 years of global industry experience combined into different training and coaching programs, that will help you to change the way you play the game of business.

Meet the Core Team

THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework and Method was created by Julie Choo, and has been co-created with many industry experts, many of whom have worked with or mentored Julie, from the beginning of her rising career in the world of business, engineering and data science. The journey to develop the book has been led by Julie and a core team including Supervising Author Dr. Graham Chrisiton; C-Suite Business Coach Sam Chia; and Leadership Advisor Lauren Houghton.

Julie Choo
Julie Choo
CEO & Founder of Stratability, Product Architect & Techpreneur
Graham Christison
Graham Christison
CIO of Stratability, Physicist & Operating Model Specialist
Sam Chia
Sam Chia
C-Suite Executive Business Coach & Asia SME Advisor
Lauren Houghton
Lauren Houghton
Leadership Advisor, Executive Coach & Change Strategist