Julie Choo guest lectures at LIBF on the Future Operating Model of Banks

End of Banking as we know it - Julie Choo lecture

On 5 September 2018, almost exactly 10 years after the Global Financial Crisis in September 2008, Stratability’s CEO Julie Choo gives a guest lecture on the End of Banking as we know it. The lecture about the Future Operating Model of banks was highly attended by an audience of 100+ attendees at the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF).

With all the disruption from digital technologies like AI, Blockchain and Fintech, the lecture provides a different take on the future banking value ecosystem. What are today’s banks going to look like in 10+ years time? Will they still exist, as we know them?

In this exclusive lecture, Julie gives her unique insight into the Future Operating Model of banks and the wider financial services ecosystem. With over 15+ years in the financial services industry and roles spanning IT, Operations, Product Management, and business strategy including M&A… Julie gives a rare and honest business architecture viewpoint across all the different banking business lines… covering retail banking, commercial banking, transaction banking, wealth management and investment banking. 

Julie discusses how many traditional banks and their operating models are still stuck in the industrial revolution. This is compared with the operating models of successful Fintech startups that have matured over the past 10 years to become the latest unicorns.

Future Operating Model of Banks in the Digital Economy

Future Operating Model of banks - Guest lecture - Julie Choo

The lecture covered three key characteristics that are driving the future operating model of banks:

Business Transformation

What can banks do to transform their operating models to adapt, survive and thrive in the digital world?  What is the future role of regulation in a digital banking ecosystem?

Fintech Value Model and Ecosystem

What are the latest Fintech Trends? Which Fintech businesses are maturing? Where are the latest Fintech partnering? What is the role of technologies like AI and Blockchain?

Customer Co-creation

How are rising customer expectations, the cloud and API technology driving customers to define their own network-connected banking services? How will businesses co-create with customers and users in the future?

In the future, will banks still as exist as we know them today?

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THE STRATEGY JOURNEY BOOK funds on Kickstarter

Strategy Journey Book funds on kickstarter

AMAZING! The Strategy Journey Book funds on kickstarter

[08 JAN 2018] We’re so proud here at the Stratability Academy to announce that our upcoming book, THE STRATEGY JOURNEY by CEO and Founder – Julie Choo and COO – Graham Christison, successfully funded on Kickstarter in December 2017 to the value of over US $18,000 or GB £13,354. You can see our Kickstarter campaign page here, including Julie’s rather comical video about why THE STRATEGY JOURNEY book is so different from anything else out there.

Julie, Graham and the team can’t wait to get started on writing, designing and co-creating the rest of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY book with our community in the coming months. Along with the book, there’s the workbook too and a number of courses which we will be busy creating. We certainly have a lot of work ahead of us, as this is no ordinary book. It’s a book that tells you HOW to transform your business in the digital age through a series of models, templates, and guided paths … that’s right PROCESSES and SYSTEMS … all wrapped up in a comprehensive framework that acts as the glue between strategy design and execution. And the book is full of illustrations which Julie will be designing along with illustrator Dana Adnan … so what you get is a book of infographics with templates, processes, systems and case study examples.

Check out the video to find out what’s in THE STRATEGY JOURNEY book?

You can also find out more here on the official book page.