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Empowering organizations through learning, to transform their culture and how they operate along their strategy journeys.

At Stratability, “problem solving” is at the heart of everything that we do and how we serve our clients… YOU and the enterprise(s) that you support.

There are too many challenges in today’s fast changing digital economy, that can cause disruption and create waste, through poor transformation, instead of capturing, producing and delivering VALUE

We have refined our services at Stratability to help you with your VALUE creation journey. Our focus is to empower you and your enterprise, big or small, to optimize your ‘strategic capabilities’ so that you can transformation better and faster NOW and for the FUTURE.

THE STRATEGY JOURNEY methodology and Stratability Academy Training can be applied to enterprises of all shapes and sizes across different industries as illustrated through our case study examples, including a small cafe and other digital solopreneur businesses, tech start-ups with a SaSS, high grow medium businesses with manufacturing and distribution models looking to expand globally, and large multinational corporations with multiple businesses or product lines located all over the world (eg. Amazon).

Available in-person at your offices and/or remotely through our virtual classrooms and meeting rooms, our Enterprise Services are delivered through:

Learning & Development Design

With THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework and Methodology touching all the different architecture layers of an organization, from top-to-bottom, front-to-back and end-to-end, and extending to how you co-create with customers, users and partners, while leveraging different network effects, there is certainly a lot to learn. There will be different training that will be relevant to upskill and support different people, teams and functions in an enterprise.

As our training is modularized by the five models and five canvases in THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework (plus a further 20 canvases in the Extended Framework), and organized to follow the Strategy Journey Paths, we can develop specific training courses and programs for different groups, teams and functions in your enterprise or even at industry level, which are tailored to their specific learning and scheduling needs.

Eg. We developed the ‘Strategic Management & Innovation in Banking’ Professional Training Qualification for the London Institute of Banking and Finance. The program was designed for managers in the Financial Services and Fintech industry.

Our training programs can be designed to blend multiple learning methods, including different combinations of on-demand digital courses accessed online, team or one-to-one coaching via video conference, and in-house workshops, available in person or via virtual meetings and classrooms.

In-house Workshops

We can help to run and facilitator workshops for teams in your enterprise, incubator or accelerator program, that includes and incorporates our training and THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework and Methodology.

Training Workshops & Programs:

Each of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Paths and existing training courses and programs, can be run as one or multiple workshops for a team or group of employees or participants. Workshops can vary in length depending on the depth and breadth of what you want to learn and how practical you want to be. We can compile workshops to span multiple days, weeks, months or even a year or more to form a ‘workshop program’ that will work to your organization’s learning and scheduling needs.

Case Study Based Workshops:

We can tailored a workshop or workshop series to incorporate problem-solving of specific challenges that different teams in your organization or incubator face. We have run leadership workshops as well as innovation and solution design & architecture workshops.

In order to make tailored workshops effective, we will need to work with you and other members of our organization (eg. sponsor, participants or other stakeholders), to design the learning outcomes and content, as part of the case study. This means that you will also engage our Learning & Development Design service for a Case Study Based Workshop.

Business & Executive Coaching

We have high experiences coaches, certified professionally in many different areas, who can support you as an individual leader in your organization, or specific team(s) with different business and operational challenges. See our article on the 10 universal transformation challenges faced by enterprises.

Our coaching covers all the domains and capabilities that are required to support the business lifecycle as described by the Five Stages of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY from leadership and communication, to culture change, and the digital approaches to business transformation where you can help you and your organization to become more value-driven, customer co-created and network-connected in how you run and operate your business, end-to-end through joining the dots. See our articles on THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Methodology and Effective Digitial Transformation, where you can also download our whitepapers for further reference.

Stratability Coaches are also master practitioners of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework and Methodology, with the experience to use our data-driven approach that blends the art and science of business, to drive change and transformation through both hearts and minds in an organization and its people.


In order to help you and your enterprise, we need to understand the WHY, WHAT and HOW your problems manifest and the context and extent of challenges faced. Then we can help you develop a GAME PLAN that you can execute along with a GAME PLAY AND ROADMAP.

So to set us in the right direction and to direct your enquiry to the right member of our team, please submit a request with as much detail about your problem as possible:

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Julie Choo guest lectures at LIBF on the Future Operating Model of Banks

End of Banking as we know it - Julie Choo lecture

On 5 September 2018, almost exactly 10 years after the Global Financial Crisis in September 2008, Stratability’s CEO Julie Choo gives a guest lecture on the End of Banking as we know it. The lecture about the Future Operating Model of banks was highly attended by an audience of 100+ attendees at the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF).

With all the disruption from digital technologies like AI, Blockchain and Fintech, the lecture provides a different take on the future banking value ecosystem. What are today’s banks going to look like in 10+ years time? Will they still exist, as we know them?

In this exclusive lecture, Julie gives her unique insight into the Future Operating Model of banks and the wider financial services ecosystem. With over 15+ years in the financial services industry and roles spanning IT, Operations, Product Management, and business strategy including M&A… Julie gives a rare and honest business architecture viewpoint across all the different banking business lines… covering retail banking, commercial banking, transaction banking, wealth management and investment banking. 

Julie discusses how many traditional banks and their operating models are still stuck in the industrial revolution. This is compared with the operating models of successful Fintech startups that have matured over the past 10 years to become the latest unicorns.

Future Operating Model of Banks in the Digital Economy

Future Operating Model of banks - Guest lecture - Julie Choo

The lecture covered three key characteristics that are driving the future operating model of banks:

Business Transformation

What can banks do to transform their operating models to adapt, survive and thrive in the digital world?  What is the future role of regulation in a digital banking ecosystem?

Fintech Value Model and Ecosystem

What are the latest Fintech Trends? Which Fintech businesses are maturing? Where are the latest Fintech partnering? What is the role of technologies like AI and Blockchain?

Customer Co-creation

How are rising customer expectations, the cloud and API technology driving customers to define their own network-connected banking services? How will businesses co-create with customers and users in the future?

In the future, will banks still as exist as we know them today?

Check out the tweets from a highly engaged audience:

Business Shaping for Entrepreneurs inaugural course


Our inaugural Business Shaping for Entrepreneurs course and workshop took place in September 2016 in London. Since this workshop, the Stratability Academy is now transitioning to a new set of courses on Transformation for SMEs – coming soon in 2019!

This first workshop ran over 2 days to provide participants with a hands-on experience where they get to apply the techniques and use the tools from THE STRATEGY JOURNEY® Framework directly on their businesses and ideas. The course was very much a ‘HOW TO’ course, and not a ‘WHAT else do I need to do course’ for those who wanted that helping hand in the early stages of their business journey.

The workshop was specially designed to help startups and smaller businesses early on in their journey to validate their mission and vision and their business model, as well as design key components that form the foundation or bedrock of their business before they begin to scale. This is the essence of what we call BUSINESS SHAPING in the framework and method.

This highly practical workshop included a copy of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY® Workbook (version 1), which was used throughout the course so that participants could walk away with an early set of strategies and a roadmap to help them move their business forward. We strongly encouraged our participants to keep testing and validating their strategies with their customers and staff to ensure a robust transformation journey that will both onboard and embed successfully.

We use the framework ourselves to run our business as well as supporting all of our courses and learning programs for individuals and enterprises, so many of the worked examples are of the Stratability Academy.

The inaugural workshop was run by Julie Choo, our own founder here at the Stratability Academy and lead author of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY® Book (coming out in November 2018).

Here are some comments from a few attendees…whom we’d like to thank for providing heaps of great feedback.




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