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There’s a monthly Insights Topic, monthly LIVE Q&A and a growing library of On-Demand Video Masterclasses, Case Studies, Quizzes and more to help you learn through GAMIFICATION using DATA SCIENCE!


Learn how to use the 5 models with the Extended Framework of 25 design thinking templated canvases  to navigate the stages of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY and build your strategic capabilities with our case study based training, led by expert practitioners.


Develop your skills and capabilities with our short courses, tutorials, masterclasses, case study reviews, expert interviews, and live monthly office hours for Q&A covering numerous deep dive topics based on latest trends and technologies.


Confer and share with a community of like-minded peers across multiple professions and industries on similar strategy journeys with different challenges. Learn from reviewing and get feedback on both your own and others’ experiences, discoveries and mistakes.


Access our monthly mentor review sessions to get additional career coaching support and other roadmap tools that guide you step-by-step to practically develop real solutions to problems, as well as enhancing your CV & Portfolio.

What they say about THE STRATEGY JOURNEY

Here's what some of our customers and alumni are saying.....

We have achieved so much more since the training!

The Framework especially starting with the Mission Model really helped me to work out how to take my business forward and where to spend money to grow, and on what services would really turn a profit to help me scale my business too. Service Design helped me to really understand what target customers to go for.

Kai A.

Entrepreneur, Studio Avant Garde Communications

I know exactly what to present to my CTO...

I can't believe you've just shown me the process to set up a design authority step-by-step. I know exactly what to present to my CTO, and gain buy-in with stakeholders now! It really works to help work out where are the best investments to make, where to setup services in a real global operating model.

Emely P.

Lead Product Architect EMEA, Salesforce Ventures

I would recommend this training to anyone who is on a journey...

My understanding ... has moved up from a one or two to a three or four, and this brings value back to my clients. I can also articulate how to troubleshoot and where we can help our clients through transformation. I would recommend this course to anyone who is on a journey to understand, or prepare for, going through a business transformation, or looking at ways to drive efficiency in your organization.

Andy L.

Director Client Services, DELL EMC.

 What you'll learn, action and achieve

Here's a sample of the TOPICS covered in our short courses, tutorials, tools, and more ... with monthly support from our experts and mentors in the HUB - based on THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework & Methodology. New topics are added every month...


(Latest Edition & dynamically updated)


(Covering 5 Strategy Journey Canvases)

 Extended Framework Toolkits

(Covering 25 Canvases + case study examples)

Six Co-Creation Techniques to drive a Data-Driven Enterprise

Applied Data Science in Business
for Non-Techies

5 Steps to build Business Agility for Long Term Resilience & Growth

Fast Track Digital Transformation Techniques

Game Plan Lab

(Roadmap to problem-solve with Gamification)


New TOPICS added monthly...

About Your Host

Julie Choo

Career Disruptor & Data-Driven Service Architect

Julie is the Founder of the Stratability Academy and lead author of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Book. She has over 20 years experience working with enterprises of all sizes big and small to design and define their strategy-to-execution journeys across multiple industry sectors including Technology, Financial Services, Auto, Public Sector and Healthcare, Energy, Education and Learning, Telecommunications... and more...

As a techie engineer and coder originally who specialised in data science, and having transitioned and accelerated her career by moving into business strategy involving Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), innovation and international marketing, Julie has taken both sets of skills and combined them into THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework to provide a design thinking and gamification method, that bridges these two worlds to help everyone future proof their careers while playing the 'game of business' in the Digital Economy.

Meet some of the experts and mentors

Together they have over 100+ years of combined experience cross industry as well as the data science expertise to help you with your strategy journeys in the new digital age.

Julie has worked for over 20 years helping multinational corporates and many start-ups

Julie is also course author and lecturer at business schools across the world, including London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF), where is also also a special advisor on Digital Transformation in Banks and Fintech.

As well as founding Stratability, and leading the authoring and illustration design of THE  STRATEGY JOURNEY BOOK, Julie has especially enjoyed her recent projects helping small and medium sized businesses and start-ups to design new services and scale, including JDX Consulting, Cutover, Atomi, Ball Dance Academy Singapore, Pepilates, and Bliss Coffee Wimbledon, to name a few.

Julie Choo

Digital Transformation & Start-Up Scaling Expert

Dr. Graham Christison, is a PHD in physics and was the chief scientist for a emerging healthcare startup

Dr. Graham Christison, is a PHD in physics and was the chief scientist for a emerging healthcare startup to develop a new technology, before moving into banking.

Graham has over 27 years running business architecture, enterprise architect and operating models functions as a Managing Director for big banks like UBS, Standard Bank, Deutsch Bank, and HSBC, where his focus has been on emerging markets, in high growth countries in South America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, so he really know how to scale different businesses, in growing economies.

Dr. Graham Christison

Operating Model & Business Architecture Expert

Sam is an executive & business coach to the C-Suite of businesses across Asia and the Middle East

Harvard educated, Sam Chia has co-founded many businesses in different industries.

He is a now mastercoach for several SME businesses across Asia and the Middle East, and has been involved in advising governments across Asia and the Middle East about how best to set up their Entrepreneur Networks and Communities.

Sam has also co-authored two books on Business Coaching, and was on Channel News Asia (CNA) to discuss his take on SME business growth.

Sam Chia

Business Growth Expert Small & Medium Enterprises

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Get everything you need to to take your strategic capabilities to the next level and change the game in your business and career journeys ... including:

  • LATEST RESEARCH & INSIGHTS: Monthly topic, 12 topics over the year supported by industry expert interviews
  • APPLIED & PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES: A growing set of short courses, tutorials, masterclasses with worked CASE STUDY examples
  • TOOLS & DOWNLOADS: Slides, templates, roadmaps, whitepapers, checklists, quizzes, assessments...
  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY: Connect & network with like-minded peers, get feedback and support
  • MONTHLY LIVE OFFICE HOURS: Get Q&A and honest feedback on your real life work projects with 2 timeslots available to suit members globally
  • BONUS #1: Face-to-face access (virtually) with the authors and expert co-creators, to gain hidden insights from their experiences and mentoring support
  • BONUS #2: Access to the full THE STRATEGY JOURNEY e-Book (latest edition)
  • BONUS #3: Access to Strategy Journey Workbook and Toolkits with video tutorials, including how to use and apply DATA SCIENCE to differentiate your services and gain competitive advantage
  • BONUS #4: Access to Resource Library containing all previous masterclasses, case study reviews and expert interview replays and Q&As
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Look at what our past learners have to say about their training with Stratability Academy

We are very happy to have learnt from one of the best in the industry.

Following our training from Stratability, my team was able to successfully deliver a TOM project for a large global investment banking client, and we even exceeded their expectations in a very short period of time. When it comes to Operating Model Design and Business Architecture, we are very happy to have learnt from one of the best in the industry.

Stuart M.

Managing Director, JDX Consulting

From that perspective, the course was outstanding.

The key thing that I learnt on the course was how to look at the business as a total entity and develop key processes throughout the business. It’s going to enable me to go back into my business and focus on what we do and what we offer from strategy to delivery. From that perspective, the course was outstanding.

Clive D.

Digital & Business Intelligence Manager, Synergy

The co-creation journey map was the key for us.

We used the templated canvases to provide a big strategy deliverable for our entire capability and practice as a service to our CIO. This was all taught step by step. What was amazing is that we could do this for internal services as well as external ones - very original to treat stakeholders as customers. The co-creation journey map was the key for us. My internal customers really want this strategy.

Fabien B.

Infrastructure & Security Lead, Sanofi


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